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Name:Jane Deuber
Company:Jane Deuber International
Address:1139 Mestres Dr
City:Pebble Beach
Country:United States of America
Phone No:18313756856
Cell No:18318699233
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Jane Deuber
The Business Mastery Program


If You Could Change Anything About Your Business,
What Would It Be?

Would You Want to...
make more MONEY, have more FUN and WORK less?

In just 24 weeks I will walk you through the steps to have
these… and so much more!

"After growing five successful businesses and mentoring thousands of small business owners, it’s time I put my time-tested, business-building strategies in one comprehensive 6 month program that takes you on a journey toward higher profits and greater fulfillment. Join me and a group of like-minded, conscious business owners who are committed to their success."

Silver Tier

The Silver tier of the Business Mastery Program is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are committed to take their business to the next level by accessing Jane’s proven business-building strategies and systems. Silver tier participants enjoy password protected access to the content-rich 6 month Business Mastery program that walks you through Jane’s step-by-step system for strengthening your business and accelerating its growth. From weekly laser-focused video trainings by Jane to inspiring community calls, you’ll gain new skills, develop success habits, implement proven marketing strategies and take consistent, powerful action steps toward creating significant breakthroughs in your business.


Gold Tier Program

The Gold tier of the Business Mastery Program is comprised of all the value-packed features of the Silver tier program with the added benefits of six private phone coaching sessions with Jane and being a part of her heart-centered Circle of Support Community. Imagine having Jane’s feedback on your business, suggestions for increasing revenues and personal guidance on how to master the inner game of entrepreneurship. Add to that, one-on-one coaching, twelve small-group mastermind sessions, six group coaching calls and complimentary admission to the Live Business Mastery Weekend with Jane and her like-minded community.


The Platinum Tier Program

The Platinum tier of the Business Mastery Program™ is for top achieving business owners who have their eye on a huge vision and want the ultimate in personal support to make it happen. What makes this ultra-exclusive Platinum tier so unique, is that in addition to having lots of coaching time with Jane and access to her private cell number for in-the-moment support, participants also enjoy the benefit of having an incredible one-day, one-on-one Immersion Strategy Session with Jane in her Pebble Beach home.

You are about to discover what I consider to be my most comprehensive, value-packed offer for small business owners yet. Whether you are starting a new venture or fine tuning your existing successful business, this 24 week program will take you on a journey of mastering the very aspects that will take your business to the next level of success.

 It is my sincere desire to walk this path with you so that your life and business are forever changed in a deeply meaningful way.  At the heart of this program and included in every level, is my 24 week Business Mastery Program. It’s described below in the Silver Tier program and includes nearly everything I feel you need to turn the volume up on your business success. For those who want to work with me personally I’ve designed the Gold and Silver Tier programs that give us one-on-one time to address the unique needs and opportunities of your business.

- Jane -
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